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The gorgeous and elegant ginjo incense is sure to please everyone! A good balance between the freshness of the new sake, the refreshing fruit flavor, and the fine acidity and fragrance. It is the ultimate junmai ginjo with a clear and refreshing throat that is backed by thorough preparation, and you can feel the umami of rice. It has a beautiful taste with a refined yet smooth texture of rice, a fine texture and a moderately sharp acidity that tightens the whole.

SMV:+2 、Rice:Yamadanishiki / Akitakomachi 、Polishing Ratio:55% 



酒度:+2 、原料米:山田錦・秋田酒こまち、精米歩合:55% 

Yukinobousha Junmai Ginjo Namazake

SKU: 9100171
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