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Payment Methods 
PayNow Only

UEN Number: 200820168C

Company Name : Orihara (Pte.) Ltd.


Payment Steps:


1) Paynow UEN: 200820168C

Company name: Orihara Pte Ltd


2) During paynow transaction please include the following in reference portion of payment for faster confirmation.

Reference: <Order No.>

e.g. Reference: 10XXX


3) Please send the completed transfer details to:

Kindly indicate order number & payer's name as on bank account in the email for clearer verification.


4) Delivery will be arranged upon confirmation of total payment.


5) Orders will be automatically cancelled if payment is not made within 24 Hours.


6) For more on our delivery details please refer to the information here

*Note: No Cancellations will be accepted once payment has been made.

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