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A limited edition new draft sake from Hidenyamahai Junmai Ginjo, a representative of the Yuki
no bousha series. Thorough preparation is important in order to produce beautiful sake without
any unpleasant tastes. The high quality of sake obtained by polishing, washing and polishing
the rice is best reflected in Yamahai jikomi. A gorgeous aroma and a delicate, rhythmic acidity.
It has a fresh taste that is unique to new sake, where you can feel the flavor of rice without any
unpleasant tastes.
SMV 1.2 、 Rice Yamadanishiki ・ Akitasakekomachi 、 Polishing Ratio 55


SMV: 1.2 、 Rice :麹米(兵庫県産山田錦)・掛米(秋田県産秋田酒こまち 、 Polishing Ratio 55

Yukinobousha Hiden Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Nama

SKU: 9101053
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