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Yamazaru’s Flagship label, Yamahai Nama Sake, was aged unpasteurized slowly in a consistent cold temperature inside the brewery. Quite rare and difficult to find even in the local areas in Yamaguchi. This style of sake ageing is very tedious and requires a lot of hard work and knowledge on how to age a nama. The result is amazingly flavorful, surprisingly tasty, melon sweetness and caramel like aroma. Well defined umami that stays even after a sip or two. For those who want to try a unique Yamahai style, this is it. Very much recommended for Sake Professionals and beginners alike. Rice used is Kokuryou Miyako grown in Yamaguchi Pref.

SMV: N/A, Rice: Kokuryou Miyako, RPR: 60%


山猿の看板商品「山廃生酒」の生熟成。味わいは呑めば吞むほど色々な味わいが現れ、 それは、まさに万華鏡 ‼蔵元も 『 飲む万華鏡 』 と表現されています。
酒度:N/A 、原料米: 穀良都 、精米歩合: 60%

Yamazaru Toushu no Kakushizake Yamahai Shikomi

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