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The "Inazo" in this sake represents the nickname of Mr Asanobu, because it is said that he had "grown rice by himself". This is because the rice that made this sake is grown from the brewer's own rice field, with minimal pesticides used. This means that the quality of rice is very high and the end product produced a very high quality of sake that really brings out the flavor of the rice.


With a soft banana scent, this sake has a soft sweetness and umami, with the sharpness of the Yamagata Masamune at the end of the palate and a crisp finish. This sake is delicious whether you choose to enjoy it cold or hot, and is very compatible with any dishes.





Alcohol percentage: 15%

Origin:  Yamagara Prefecture

SMV: +2

Rice Polishing: 55%

Yamagata-Masamune Junmai Ginjo Inazo

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