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Kaiun Tokusen Junmai Ginjou


This special type of Junmai Ginjou were brewed in 700kg tank used especially  for making Daiginjou shu.  The rice was polished to 50% which is quite exceptional for a category of Junmai Ginjou. Resulting to it's fine flavor and aroma.  Fresh fragrance with sweet notes of fruits like melon.  Smooth and feminine. Clear and fresh even after you drink, the sweet, gentle, comforting fragrance lingers on.    

(Alc. 16.5% , SMV +5 , Medium Taste , Shizuoka Prefecture)


Kaiun Tokubetsu Junmai


This sake starts of with hints of sweetness, soft and feminine mouthfeel. The middle palate is clean and refreshingly dry. Excellent harmony of layers of fragrance and flavor folllows and ends with a vibrant finish. A delightful, elegant sake that anyone would enjoy. White lily, persimmon on the nose. Plum skin on the palate, confectionary fruit with savoury finish.
2021 IWC Bronze Medals


Kaiun Den Haseshokichi Daiginjo


A flagship sake of Doi Sake Brewery, brewed by Toji Shimba, who has been trained by Toji Hase for a long time and inherited the Noto-ryu technique. By adding a very small amount of brewed alcohol to the finish, it has a refreshing taste.

SMV:+2 、Rice:Yamadanishiki、Polishing Ratio:35% 

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