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~Made with yeast that has traveled through space~

The yeast used is ``Utsukushima Yume Yeast'', which has made an epic journey around the earth over 700 times, and the rice is ``Yume no Kaori'' from Fukushima Prefecture, making this a ``dreamy'' drink. A Junmai Daiginjo made from 50% polished rice, it has a slightly sweet and refreshing aroma similar to apples and muscats. When cooled, it tightens up and has a nice acidity. It is a sake with a mysterious sensation that changes its expression depending on the temperature range, becoming soft at room temperature and developing a gentle sweetness from the middle to the end.





SMV: N/A ; Rice: Yumenoka ; Polish: 50%

Uchu Junmai Daiginjo Campanella

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