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A harmony of moderate sweetness and sourness. Autumn sake with a soft and gentle aftertaste. In terms of rice polishing ratio, you can enjoy a refreshing aroma, soft texture, and smooth taste in the Daiginjo class. It goes well with autumn flavors such as matsutake mushrooms steamed in an earthenware pot and mushroom pasta, and will bring out the autumn ingredients even more.

SMV:+2、Rice:Yamadanishiki、Polishing Ratio :50%


ほどよい甘味と酸味のハーモニー。ふんわり優しく流れる余韻が楽しい秋酒。 精米歩合でいえば大吟醸クラスで爽やかな香りと、柔らかな口当たり、なめらかな味わいが楽しめます。 秋の風味、松茸の土瓶蒸しやキノコ系パスタ等にも良く合い秋の食材を一層引き立てる事でしょう。


Tosashiragiku JG Hiyaoroshi

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