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When this sake was introduced to the market in Showa 57 (1982) as a brand name "Shukon Ginjou shu", it has become a very popular brand from Tedorigawa.  Now it is renewed with more  enticing, crips and refreshing character of Junmai Ginjou.  Soft scents of berries and herb leaves. Balanced acidity and sweetness and has an extremely clean aftertaste.  Enhances the flavor of food when paired.  Best recommendation for pairing with Dashi maki Tamago, Boiled Toufu with konbu and light ponzu sauce, Slightly grilled Amaebi, etc.


Alc. 15.5% , Ishikawa Prefecture , SMV +1


手取川 酒魂 純米吟醸




Tedorigawa Shukon Junmai Ginjou

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