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In Showa year 56, Tedorigawa created their very first Tokubetsu Honjouzo or Special Honjouzo. It became popular among the locals of Hakusan and in Heisei year 20, the fans of Tedorigawa requested the brewery to make a Tokubetsu Junmai and the kurabito came up of this wonderful tasting sake. Rich and extra dry to +12 SMV. Delicate fragrance with hints of floral like scent . Full body and well balanced vibrant character. Nutty midpalate, excellent long finish leaving a very good amount of savory taste. Crisp, cool and with the new mint green bottle, it gives the drinker even more refreshing feeling. Perfect to pair with hamburg steaks with light sauce, Sweet and Sour meat, Saba Miso, Sukiyaki etc

Tedorigawa Junmai Ookarakuchi Meiryu

SKU: 9103756
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  • Alc 15.8%  Origin Ishikawa Prefecture  SMV +12

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