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We use 100% sake rice “Ishikawamon” grown by contracted farmers in the local Yamajima area around our company. Raised with Hakusan Hyakunen water used for brewing. ``Ishikawamon'' is a very delicate sake rice. For this reason, the skills of the brewers are required to be refined. We have prepared unfiltered ,unpasteurised andundiluted sake so that you can enjoy the gentle and soft characteristics of ``Ishikawamon''. It has a refreshing aroma like biting into a pear or green apple, a fresh acidity, and a gentle sweetness that gently envelops the entire mouth.

SMV:N/A 、Rice:Ishikawamon 、Polishing Ratio:Koji 50% Kake 60%



SMV:N/A 、原料米: 石川門、精米歩合: 麹50% 掛60% 

Tedorigawa Junmai Ginjo Ishikawamon

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