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Located in Ehime Prefeture, the snow cap of Mt. Ishizuchi heralds the arrival of winter. This is the cool and minimalist design of the label of Seiryo ZEN Ginsekai RIN Tokubetsu Junmai,
This sake, which was especially made with the image of the silver like shining world in winter. Light cloudy sake that is Seiry o ZEN. The palate expresses the rich, fresh and smooth flavor and a very enjoyable aroma very much the same with the joy the locals feel whenever they see snows that rarely accumulates on the plains of Ehime.
SMV: 4 、 Rice: Matsuyamamii, RPR: 60%


酒度:4 、原料米: 松山三井 、精米歩合: 60%

Seiryo ZEN Tokubetsu Junmai Ginsekai RIN

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