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Bigger shinpaku or rice core "Omachi rice" and a softer delicate texture requires technique and extra care when used for brewing. It takes great care and once perefectly brewed, it results to a very balanced, unique character type of sake. Seikyou Junmai Omachi is the outstanding result of this wonderful sakamai with a soft taste on the first impression followed by dry midpalate that spreads out sending a good notes of soft floral fragrance. Leaves with a distinctive savory mineraly taste. Clean and crisp. Tasty palate with a good balance of acidity. Best to serve both very chilled or hot.


大粒で 心白 が 大 きく 柔 らかい 性質 で 、 栽培 も 酒造 りも 大変難 しい 米 ですが 、 雄町 で 醸 した 酒 はまさに 日本酒 の 一等品 です 。
口当たり 柔 らかく 、 やや 辛口 、 余韻 を 残 しながらきれいに 流 れていきます 。

Seikyo Junmai Omachi

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