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Awamori carefully selected by Seifuku Distillery is deliciously finished with a refreshing, crisp and fragrant 100% domestic yuzu and Okinawa brand Shikuwasa with a refreshing flavor. The rich acidity of Yuzu & Shikuwasa and the delicious taste of Awamori are blended in an exquisite balance, making it a surprisingly easy to drink liquor that is completely different from conventional Awamori based liqueurs. It has a mild taste with an alcohol content of 10%, so it is recommended to add ice and lock it as it is, or split it with soda.


請福蔵元厳選の泡盛を、さっぱり、キリッとした香り高い100 %国産ゆずと、爽やかな風味あふれる沖縄ブランドの県産シークヮーサーをあわせて、美味しく仕上げました。ゆず&シークヮーサーの豊かな酸味と泡盛の味わい深い旨みを これ以上ない、絶妙のバランスでブレンドし、今までの泡盛ベースのリキュールとは全く違った驚くほど飲みやすいお酒になっています。

Seifuku Yuzu Shikuwasa

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