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Sake at the end of squeezing. It features a wild and rich taste.

Elegant and gorgeous scent .

The moment you put it in your mouth, you can feel the fruit of tropical fruits and apples.

A unique taste woven with a soft sweetness reminiscent of fresh almond milk.


Alc. 12.5% , Yamaguchi Prefecture

SMV:N/A、Rice:Omachi、Polishing Ratio:25%


SSCB ヘビープレス





口に含んだ瞬間、トロピカルフルーツと林檎の様な果 実感が溢れ、



酒度:N/A 、原料米:雄町、精米歩合:25% 

Ohmine Sake Storm Cowboy 25 Omachi - Heavy Press

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