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The highest-class brewer's rice from Yamaguchi "Yamada Nishiki" is used for the ingredient and "Benten spring water", one of the 100 Japanese best  spring water is used for brewing.The pure scent and sweetness like roasted puffed rice grains  is the unique flavor and character of "Ohmine Junmai".  It has a soft sweet taste and extremely clean finish.  Brewed by the craftsman's manual labor.


The aroma is muscat-like and light on the palate. The aftertaste also has a fresh aroma of Capron-san ethyl, acidity and alcohol, which spreads out and finishes refreshingly with a hint of sweetness from the rice. It is easy to drink, but you will never get bored of the taste. It goes well on its own or as a sipping drink. I found a wonderful sake.


Rice Polishing: 50%


山口県産の最高級酒米「山田錦」、そして日本名水百選の「弁天の湧水」を原料に使用し、醸造の全工程を職人の手作業で仕上げた「Ohmine Junmai」は、昔懐かしいポン菓子の様な甘みと芳ばしさが特徴的。サッパリとした口当たりで食中酒に最適。カクテルに使用しても美味しく召し上がれます。

Ohmine 3 Grain Hiire Yamadanishiki

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