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A limited edition of "Omine 2 Grain Pasteurized Yamada Nishiki''; which won the highest prize at the world's largest competition. This is the flagship of Omine Sake Brewery, brewed using spring water that has been refined over many years in Japan's largest limestone region. A Yamada Nishiki, which is cultivated with contracted farmers. A set box of Japanese sake, an original design sake bottle, Ochoko, sakazutu(). The sake bottle and choko are made from Kutani ware, which has a history of 360 years.
SMV: N/A 、 Rice: Yamadanishiki 、 Polishing Ratio: 35


SMV:N/A、Rice:山田錦、Polishing Ratio:35%

Ohmine Happy New Year 2024 SET Box

SKU: 9103262
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