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A lively aroma reminiscent of freshly picked fruit. Concentrated sweetness reminiscent of Pione, followed by a refreshing acidity. Raising the temperature increases the plumpness that reminds you of the flavor of rice. Received the highest award at the Omachi Summit for two years in a row. This is a bottle with a deep sweetness and flavor typical of Omachi. Warm sake is also recommended during this cold season. Please try. Pairing with Oden, Saikyo yaki mackerel, tomato caprese, roasted duck
SMV: N/A 、 Rice: Omachi 、 Polishing Ratio: 50%


採れたての果実を連想させる活き活きとしたアロマ。ピオーネを思わせる凝縮された甘味のあと、爽やかな酸の余韻が続く。温度を上げると、米の旨味を想像させるふくよかな印象が高まる。 2 年連続で雄町サミットの最高賞を受賞。雄町らしい、奥行きのある甘味と旨味がしっかり感じられる一本です。寒いこの時期では燗酒もおすすめ。ぜひお試しください。Pairing ; おでん、鯖の西京焼き、トマトのカプレーゼ、鴨のロースト
SMV: N/A 、 Rice: 雄町、 Polishing Ratio: 50%

Ohmine 3Grain Hiire Omachi

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