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Fruity, aromatic sake with hints of white peach and a sweetness of the rice used. Excellent to serve before meals (Aperitif).  Excellent to pair with sushi or even French food!  Our brew is unique in its own way and we do not want to be misjudged so we do not reveal the Sake meter value, acidity and the yeast used to let the drinkers to just simply enjoy the whole experience of drinking our sake. 

(Alc. 14.0% , Yamaguchi Prefecture , Rice Polishing ratio: 35%)


OHMINE 2 Grain 火入れ 山田錦


食前の1杯目として。お鮨やフレンチなどの繊細な 料理の食中酒としてマリアージュをお楽しみください。


(14% , 山口 ,【精米歩合】35%)

Ohmine 2 Grain Hiire Yamadanishiki

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