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It is characterized by the gentle fragrance of young green apples and the sweet and sour taste of fruit honey. Aizan, which is described as a diamond of sake rice, is lavishly shaved to create a complex balance unique to Omine.

SMV: N/A 、Rice:Aiyama、Polishing Ratio : 40%


稚い青林檎の様な穏やかな香りと果実の蜜の様な甘酸っぱさが特徴的。酒米のダイヤモンドと表現される愛山を贅沢に 削って、大嶺特有の複雑なバランスに仕上がりました。

酒度: N/A 、原料米:愛山、精米歩合 : 40%

Ohmine 2 Grain Hiire Aiyama

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