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Tender impression of White peach, fresh rice cake, and the smell of tree sprouts. This is a sake with a pleasant change in aroma as you enjoy it. Moderate sweetness and sourness spreads in the mouth. Pairs well with foods like spinach salad, pickled salmon with minced pork, shrimp tempura. Also, at the Ise Shima Summit, this sake was served with caviar canapes, prosciutto, smoked salmon, and macaroons.

味に 厚 みを 感 じる 、 こだわりの 純米酒手造りの 麹 と 純粋酵母 で 低温 でじっくり 醸 した 厚 みのある 純米酒 。軽快でまろやかな 自然 な 旨 みは 、 飲 み 飽 きすることなく 、 酒通 の 舌 をうならせます。

Miyanoyuki Junmai

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