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Brewed using the breed of  sake rice developed by the notable Juyondai President Takagi Tatsugoro.   Mr. Takagi spent 18 years in research pof a new species of sake rice and he came up of  "Ryuu No  Otoshigo"   which the breed came from Yamadanishiki Rice.   This high breed type of  sake rice is  used in brewing Juyondai series.   The first layer of  aroma is  a  typical Kyokai   Number 9  Yeast. Very soft, flowery fragrance of  orange blossoms and a  hint of  tea olives. and greens.   First taste emits a  moderate sweet and light acidity with ditinguished umami and ends in a  small amount of remaining acidity and savory taste.   The ending is  a  slow motion of  good round of flavor that lingers a  bit longer after it  totally disappears in the palate.


あの山形県の人気銘酒•実力もある十四代の高木酒造の高木辰五郎社長が18年の歳月をかけて開発した酒米です。 十四代

Miinokotobuki Junmai Daiginjo Sakemirai

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