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Made by soaking and ageing Nanko plums in  "TATENOKAWA" finest Daiginjo sake. Indulge in the rich, beautiful flavour and premium quality taste of the finest plums and fruity, fresh soft sweet and elegant character of Daiginjou.  Excellent harmony of taste and aroma.  Enjoy with a cube of ice, with soda, or with very very chilled tonic water.


子宝 大吟醸 梅酒


2010年 天満天神梅酒大会 優勝銘柄

Kodakara Daiginjou Umeshu

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  • 産地:山形 Prefecture:  Yamagata
    - Flavour: Plum
    味わい:Fresh Taste: Fresh
    アルコール度:13  Alcohol:  13%
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