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Using only the finest Yamadanishiki rice exclusively cultivated for this product, 'Nojiri Watokujo' is brewed to fulfil the requirements of sake evaluation competitions. With the rice milled to 40 percent, this is one of the best Junmai Daiginjo we produce. It has a rich fragrance and taste, reflecting our Toji's (master brewer) passion to create the finest sake possible. its slightly bitter and fresh taste goes well with Echizen crab, sweet shrimps and Sashimi (sliced raw fish).


Rice Used100% Yamadanishiki
Sake Meter Value+5
Sweet/Dry(sake type)Semi-Dry(Rich Fragrance)

Kitanosho Junamai Daiginjo - Toji Daigin Nojiri Watokujo

SKU: 9103006
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