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Making lavish use of Yamadanishiki and local Gohyakumangoku rice varieties considered optimal for sake production, time-honored traditional techniques are utilized to brew Kitanosho Ginjo Echizen. This is a refreshing and dry sake with the soft, fresh fragrances and flavors of Western pears and green bamboo. It is the perfect companion for fish and shellfish of the Japan Sea, such as northern shrimp, Echizen crabs, and sea bream.  Slightly dry/crisp, Mathing FoodsSshimi, tempura

SMV:+5、、Rice:Yamadanishiki /Hyakumangoku、Polishing Ratio:55%




酒度:+5 、原料米:山田錦、五百万石、精米歩合:55-60%

Kitanosho Ginjo Echizen

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