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The refreshing flavor of this sake makes it ideal for topping off a meal. This sake arrives once a year in early spring just as the first plum blossoms of the season begin to open. Such is Kirinzan’s ‘plum wine’. It is made by steeping plums in Kirinzan’s prized sake until an elegant sweetness and exquisite refreshing taste combination is achieved.


麒麟山酒造が誇る淡麗辛口の純米酒に、 新潟特産のジューシーな藤五郎梅を漬け込みました。

Kirinzan Umeshu

SKU: 9900570
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  • 産地 :  新潟 Prefecture: Niigata
    アルコール度 : 12% Alc: 12.0%


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