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"Four Toji Four Seasons Sake", the four chief brewers of Kamotsuru collaborated in this special seasonal edition where each one of them creates a sake that matches the season. This “Junmai Shiboritate” Shinshu is one of the ir creation. Fresh aroma and taste that can only be enjoyed in mid winter, i t is pasteurized only once so as not to spoil the flavor of the SHINSHU (new sake). This Shinshu is a reminiscence of a humble Yuki Usagi popping it’s head in the snow. Perfect to enjoy with Dashi Kais en, boiled tofu, tempura, dashimaki omelet, salt grilled fish, oysters, etc.
SMV:+2 、 Rice: N/A 、 RPR: 55%



Kamotsuru Junmai Shiboritate

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