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At "Four Toji Four Seasons Sake", the four chief brewers of Kamotsuru will deliver sake that matches the season. "Daiginjo Unblended Sake Arabashiri" is an authentic daiginjo unblended whiskey with a focus on the balance of aroma and taste. Elegant aroma and gentle mouthfeel Enjoy the graceful and gentle mouthfeel of a killer whale swimming freely in the ocean.

SMV:N/A 、Rice: N/A、Polishing Ratio:50% 


『大吟醸原酒 あらばしり』は、香りと味のバランスにこだわった本格派の大吟醸原酒です。優雅な香りとおだやかな口あたり


酒度:N/A 、原料米: N/A、精米歩合:50% 

Kamotsuru Daiginjo Arabashiri

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