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"Kaiun"  Tokubetsu Honojouzo in 1.8L mini barrel "Komo Kanmuri". Excellent gifts for special occasions.  


(Volume: 1800ml , Alc. 15.5% , SMV +4 , Medium Taste , Shizuoka Prefecture)

"Kaiun" means "To welcome Luck" and this range of sake is famous for gifts on celebrations like New Year, Weddings, Business Inagurations, etc. But then not only for celebrations but it is also famous for it's excellent taste. The brewery using the hands on technics of brewing and using the best quality of rice and water gives their sake a very unique taste and aroma. This type of honjouzo uses Yamadanishiki rice polished to 60% , polishing percentage required for a Ginjou Style sake.  Fresh fruit notes, crisp, dry taste. Well refined flavor and fragrance.  Clear cut, no cloying aftertaste. This One of the best creation of Kaiun Iwaisake.




Alc 15%

Kaiun Tokuhon Iwaizake Honjouzo (1.8L Mini Barrel)

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