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The brand name “Kagatsuru” was established in 1628, to honour the Kaga region, where the leading general of Kaga – Maeda Toshiie – was from. Together with “Tsuru”, the Japanese name for crane, which is believed to live for thousands of years, bringing good fortune and happiness.

This umeshu is made by combining sake from the Kagatsuru brewery with local plums. The sake itself is made from the famous Gohyaku Mangoku rice, that has been polished to 60%. This umeshu offers a great balance of refreshing flavours, from the acidity from the plum to the umami of the rice.


Alc. 11.2%, Origin: Ishikawa Prefecture, Flavour: Plum, Taste: Fresh

Kagatsuru – Umeshu Plum Sake

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