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In creating this product, we were conscious of the quality of the aroma and the balance of sweetness and acidity. By reducing the alcohol content, we have taken on the challenge of creating a drink that can be enjoyed more easily. The sweet and refreshing aroma, gentle sweetness, and gentle acidity hit your tongue one after another. The richness that comes from aging over the summer makes it easy to drink, and it goes down your throat smoothly. I think it goes well
with fatty sanma, which is synonymous with autumn. We recommend pairing it with Ehime Prefecture's local autumn cuisine, ``Imotaki Nabe'' made with chicken bones. Autumn for taste is autumn for sake! Please enjoy the delicious ingredients and Tsukimi Junmai slowly.
SMV: N/A 、 Rice Shizukuhime 、 Polishing Ratio 60


今回の造りの中で意識したのは香りの質と、甘味・酸のバランスです。アルコール度数を抑えた事でより軽快に楽しめる酒質にチャレンジしました。 甘く爽やかな香りと優しい甘味、穏やかな酸が順に舌にのってきます。ひと夏越した熟成によるコクが飲みやすく、スーッと喉を通り抜けていきます。 脂の乗った秋の代名詞”さんま”など相性良いと思います。愛媛県、秋の郷土料理、鶏がらベースで仕上げた”いもたき鍋”などぜひ合わせて頂きたいです。味覚の秋は、日本酒の秋!美味しい食材と月見純米をゆっくりご堪能下さい。
SMV: N/A 、 Rice :愛媛県産しずく媛、精米歩合 60

Iyo Kagiya Seiryo Tsukimi Junmai

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