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Houraisen is known for its “Exquisite flavor and soft palate". This Nama Genshu is especially different compare to other Houraisen standard labels. Luxurious, rich aroma , distinct acerbity that is unique to raw undiluted sake. Very enjoyable to drink and with 17% alcohol content, look forward to the burst of flavor that will spread in your palate once you get to sip this fabulous Beshi Nama.
SMV: N/A, Rice: Yumesansui, RPR: 55%


「綺麗な飲み口で柔らかい酒質が持ち味」の蓬莱泉。生原酒ならではの、柔らかな口当たり、芳醇な香りと旨み、まろやかな喉越しなど、定番品とは全く違う贅沢な味わいとなりました。綺麗な酸味が特徴のお酒です、アルコールも 17 度で口の中に含んだ時の味の広がりを、ぜひお楽しみください。
酒度:N/A 、原料米: 夢山水 、精米歩合: 55%

Houraisen Tokubetsu Junmai Beshi Namazake

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