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Haneya, a special summer sake that is as cool as the refreshing summer sea breeze. A beautiful ginjo scent that spreads elegantly in your mouth, and a fresh fruit that flows through your tongue! The clear rear mouth like the blue sky that penetrates the gentle lingering sound that spreads lightly is very popular every year!

SMV:N/A 、Rice:Gohyakumangoku 、Polishing Ratio:60%


夏のマリンブルーの海に抱かれたような透明感、寄せて広がる優しい余韻。爽やかな夏の海風のように涼やかな 羽根屋 夏の特別限定酒。上品に口の中に広がるきれいな吟醸香、舌に流れる瑞々しい果実味!
酒度:N/A 、原料米:五百万石、精米歩合:60%

Haneya Summer Junmai Ginjo Namazake

SKU: 9104314
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