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Nakagumi refers to a sake that is derived from the last step of the brewing process, where the Moromi is being squeezed out from a meshed bag. The middle drip is called Nakagami, and it is said to be the most well balanced in terms of taste and scent. As breweries usually mix the 3 different drips into a single bottle and label, it is rare to find a sake that only contains the Nakagumi part of the sake.


The Haneya Junmai Nakagumi generally has a gentle floral aroma, with a dry finish. The distinct savouriness comes out in the midpalate, and it is very flavourful. After a sip, the aroma of nuts and rice grains are released and can be tasted. This sake is best served chilled or warm, and can be paired with various types of dishes such as Miso or Soy sauce based foods.



Alcohol percentage: 16%

Origin: Toyama Prefecture

SMV: +7.5

Rice Polishing: 60%



Haneya Junmai Nakagumi

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