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Another Jikagumi sake (Bottled straight from the pressing machine).  Fresh and lively aroma completely sealed without getting in contact with the air.  Unfiltered and carefully manually bottled without pressing, limited release and very few stocks. The color of the ribbon on the bottle changes as an indication on when did the batch was pressed.  The overall character of this sake represents the hardwork of its production.  Fresh, impressive soft layers of fruit notes, luscious, tasty. The juicy and intricately well blended full-bodied taste shines like a prism in seven colors.

ALC 16% , Toyama Prefecture

SMV: +3  Rice: Gohyakumangoku, rice . polishing rate: 60%


羽根屋 純米吟醸 プリズム


酒度:+3 、原料米:五百万石 、精米歩合:60%

Haneya Junmai Ginjou PRISM

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