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Its subtle fruity aroma spreads on the palate, and a refreshing acidity reminiscent of citrus fruits gives it a sharp taste. Its low sugar content, freshness, and subtle youthful astringency are also exquisitely expressed as soon as it is paired with a meal. The outstanding sharpness, due to the use of flat polished rice, helps to clear the palate. Serve chilled with a delicious meal. [ Foods it goes well with] Seafood in general, Carpaccio
SMV: 4 Acid: 1.6 Amino Acid: 1.1 Polishing Ratio: 55 %


ほのかなバナナ香 が 口 に 広 がり 柑橘類 を 思 わせる 爽 やかな 酸味 がキレ 味 を 演出 します 。 美味 しいお 料理 とともに 冷 たく 冷 やして 爽 やかにお 召 し 上 がりください 。
日本酒度: 4 酸度: 1.6 アミノ 酸度: 1.1 精米歩合: 55%

Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjo

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