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It has a refreshing and light mouthfeel that is typical of spring sake, and has a smooth, cloudy texture. It uses Dewa Sansan, a sake-brewing-suitable rice cultivated in-house by the brewery, and is purely brewed based on new Yamagata yeast developed for daiginjo sake. Rice Ginjo lightly cloudy! Expressing the high quality of a clean and fresh sake with a rich flavor! Fresher by introducing a process that prevents oxidation as much as possible! It looks gorgeous with a printed bottle ♪

SMV:N/A 、Rice:Dewasansan、Polished:60%



酒度:N/A 、原料米:出羽燦々、精米歩合:60%

Gasanryu Junmai Ginjo Usunigori

SKU: 9103148
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