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Gasanryu Junmai Daiginjo unfiltered & unpasteurized N sake ``Seme'' is a special Junmai
Daiginjo brewed in small quantities, brewed with 100% Dewa Sansan rice is specially brewed
for sake to be submitted to the competition. . This is a high quality Daiginjo ``Attack'' that has a
wide range of flavors and is gorgeous, created in pursuit of the high dimensional flavor required
for exhibited sake.
SMV N/A 、 Rice Dewasansan 、 Polishing Ratio 40


雅山流純米大吟醸無濾過原酒 『 攻め 』 は自社田栽培「出羽燦々」 100% で醸した鑑評会出品酒用に醸された数量に少ない特別な純米大吟醸の「せめ」です。出品酒に求められる高次元の香味を追求して仕込まれた味に幅が有り華やかな高品質大吟醸の 『 攻め 』 です。
SMV: N/A 、 Rice :出羽燦々 、 Polishing Ratio 40

Gasanryu Junmai Daiginjo Seme

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