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Orihara Shoten and Kazuma Sake Brewery collaboration. Orihara Shoten signature sake released only on winter season on a limited number. A Honjouzo Shu named after the Fukagawa Dragon , the God of the shrine very nearby Orihara Shoten in Monzen Nakacho, Tokyo. The Dragon who lives in the shrine is said to be guarding the shops nearby and is very auspicious for sake because the shrine believes that the Dragon is the God of Water. As an offering, Orihara and Kazuma Brewery decided to add Gold flakes to the this wonderful, easy drinking, very tasty with distinctive umami sake. This year as an accent, the label bears a tiny golden water rabbit to celebrate 2023!


折原商店が店を構える深川の龍神様にちなみ、酒造りには欠かせない「水」の神様である龍神様を背に、干支である丑の字をあしらった 『 深川ドラゴン 干支ラベル 』 を冠した金粉の酒を、年始にふさわしい慶びの酒としてご用意させて頂きました。今回の720mL は透明瓶でのご提供となります。きらめく金粉の姿がお楽しみ頂けるかと存じます。
酒度:N/A 、原料米: N/A 、精米歩合: 70%

Fukagawa Dragon Goldflakes Sake

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