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A dry type of Junmai brewed with Yamagata Prefecture original sake rice “Dewanosato”.  This sake seems like fresh, small snowflakes with shapes of stars that one can sense its freshness and softness in the palate when drink very chilled in mid-winter season.  That is reason why it is called “Asterisk” derived from the ancient Greek writing which means “Little Star”. Enjoy this amazing seasonal winter sake on its own or with warm simple dishes. 

Alc. 15.5% , SMV: +6,  Rice: Dewa no Sato, Rice Polishing Rate: 80%


栄光富士 シルキースノータイム 辛口純米 アスタリスク




15.5% , 酒度:+6 、原料米:出羽の里 、精米歩合:80%

Eikofuji Silky Snow Time Karakuchi Junmai Asterisk

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