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You can enjoy the refreshing ginjo incense that gently fragrant. This sake is characterized by its lack of off-flavours. You can enjoy a refreshing taste with a clear and beautiful taste. The soft, crisp aftertaste of cherry blossom petals does not interfere with food. This refreshing sake is especially recommended for cherry blossom viewing parties during the upcoming cherry blossom season. Sashimi and fried eggplant cooked together, Please feel free to enjoy the miscellaneous store dishes at the time of cherry blossom viewing ♪

SMV:-8~-10 、Rice:Dewa San san、Polished:50%


ふわりと香る爽やかな吟醸香が楽しめます。この酒の特徴は、雑味の無さ。 透明感のあるキレイな旨味が特徴でスッキリとしたのどごしがお楽しみいただけます。桜のはなびらのようにふわりとキレる後味は食べ物の邪魔もしません。



酒度:-8~-10 、原料米:出羽燦々、精米歩合:50%

Eikofuji Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Namagenshu Kourin

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