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Rare limited edition sake from Echigo Tsurukame. Brewed from Akita Sake Komachi grown in Akita Prefecture, this sake is a very good interpretation of the character of the rice used. Soft, fresh, clean and very tasty. Distinctive flavor with lots of umami in the palate. Complex acidity that slowly disappears leaving a wonderful clear aftertaste. Layers of fruit notes turns up soon after a sip and lingers for a while. A very elegant sake that one must to try.
SMV: 0, Rice: Akita Sake Komachi, RPR: 60%


酒度:0 、原料米: 秋田酒こまち 、精米歩合: 60%

Echigo Tsurukame Gesseki Junmai Ginjo Muroka Namagenshu

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$46.22Sale Price
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