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The Echigo Spring unfiltered Junmai is a delicate and complex sake that boasts a clear fragrance and a beautiful sweetness. It has a smooth tone and elegant acidity, and its delicate taste leads to a complex finish. The sake offers a highly enjoyable taste that leaves a pleasant aroma reminiscent of fresh apples and a sweet taste on the tongue. It pairs perfectly with the flavors of spring, making it an ideal choice for this season. Its modern design label featuring cranes and turtles is also an ideal gift for Spring celebrations.

SMV:0 、Rice:Koshi Ibuki(Niigata)、Yamadanishiki(Toyama)、Gohyakumangoku(Niigata)、 Polishing Ratio:60% 





酒度:0 、原料米:こしいぶき(新潟)、山田錦(富山)、五百万石、精米歩合:60% 

Echigo Tsurakame Nagomisake

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