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DATE SEVEN SEASON Ⅱ Episode Ⅱ Hagino Tsuru style
The gorgeous scent of fresh apples, the soft and gentle sweetness of rice, and the elegant acidity that brings them all together tightens the whole.

DATE SEVEN SEASON Ⅱ Episode Ⅱ Yamawa style
Refreshing aroma and clear taste Beautiful acidity and delicate flavor complement various dishes.
The leader this time is the classmate duo [Yamawa x Hagi no Tsuru].This year as well, Yamadanishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, which is the best sake rice, is polished to 47% after DATE SEVEN, and the best raw material Yamawa style has a refreshing scent and a clear taste. Beautiful acidity and delicate umami complement various dishes. Yamawa's sake brewing theme, Simple is best, was brewed. Enjoy chilled on a summer day. So, 7 breweries brewed with all the technology they have now. We will deliver high quality Miyagi sake to the whole country and to the world.
Leader brewery - Yamawa Sake Brewery/Hagino Sake Brewery. Rice milling - All breweries. Raw materials processing - Suminoe Sake Brewer. Shubo (Sake starter) - Saura/Urakasumi. Koji - Katsuyama Sake Brewery. Moromi - Zizawa Brewery. Jozo - Kawakei Shoten

Alcohol : 16% , Rice : Yamada Nishiki (produced in Hyogo Prefecture), Rice polishing ratio :47%

Date 7 Season II Episode II set

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