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A very limited release by Asahi Shuzo,the maker of Dassai sake launched its super limited edition Umeshu.  The "Dassai Umeshu“.  It's a honkaku umeshu meaning it contains only the base alcohol which is DASSAI 23, sugar, and plums -- thus no added flavoring, coloring, or souring agents.

The liquor used in the new umeshu is of course Dassai's world-famous Junmai Daiginjo 23%, in which Yamadanishiki rice being milled down to 23%.

It is the first Asahi Shuzo's umeshu. They have teamed up with the Umeshu Kenkyu-kai to make this happen, bringing in "Kounan-ume" Japanese apricots from nearby Wakayama prefecture. While ordinarily you would use green apricots(Ume) for umeshu, they instead chose to go with ripe apricots, giving the umeshu a pinkish hue.

This new release will be extremely limited in quantity. Despite the fact that it's a global launch--with bottles being available in Dassai stores in Japan, France, China, and Taiwan--only 800 bottles will be available for this first run.

Dassai Umeshu

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