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* Orihara is an Official Distributor of Dassai in Singapore providing you with an unbroken cold chain distribution from the brewery to your door step.

Delivering them to you without compromising the taste of the sake.


The top notes are much similar to Dassai Junmai Ginjou 45% but as it strikes the tounge and the palate, layered of fragrances open up. Soft, sweet scents of Cotton Candy, hints of Banana, Japanese pears. mid palate gives a crisp, clean, dry taste. Very smooth, clear and refined sake. Excellent harmony of flavor and scent. Short, clean finish. Excellent overall well balance.


Dassai Junmai Daiginjou 39

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  • Alc 15.5%  Origin Yamagata Prefecture  SMV +6

    Available in 720ml and 1.8lt

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