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* Orihara is an Official Distributor of Dassai in Singapore providing you with an unbroken cold chain distribution from the brewery to your door step.

Delivering them to you without compromising the taste of the sake.


Suggest that you taste it with Dassai 23 . Be prepared for an experience beyond all your experctations of sake . Unparalleled smoothness and clean , complex flavors engulf the entire palate , followed by a stunning length of finish .

To this day , the  superlative standards for Dassai Beyond keep production extremely limited and each battle is a rarity.

(Polishing: Unannounced, Prefecture: Yamaguchi)


獺祭 磨き その先へ



的に一歩踏み出しているが故にただ飲まれたのではせっかくの「磨きその先への魅力が分かりにくいと思います。まず、1~2杯「磨き二割三分」をお楽しみいただいた後、「磨き その先へ」へお移りになると、よりくっきり皆様の前にこのお酒の魅力が現れると思います。

(磨き:非公開 , 山口県)

Dassai Beyond (Sonosakie)

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