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Junmai Koshu that uses 1.5 times more Koji rice than usual, and has the sweetness and umami of rice. After completing the usual 3 stage preparation, it is slowly fermented, and in the morning of Joso (the day the sake is pressed), 4 stage koji amazake and 5 stage pre made shubo are added. Sweet with distinct acidity, thick, consistent viscosity. Delightful Koshu and perfect to enjoy chilled. Nice and mellow as well if it is warmed to room temperature. Limited edition. Best recommended Koshu most especially to beginners.
SMV: 30 、 Rice: Kome Koji/Gohyakumangoku 、 Kakemai Nihonbare, RPR: Kojimai 70% Kakemai 75%


麹を通常の1.5 倍使用し、お米由来の甘さと旨味をたっぷり溶け込ませた純米酒です。通常の 3 段仕込みを終えてからじっくり発酵させ、上槽(お酒を搾る日)の午前中に麹の甘酒四段と、あらかじめ造っておいた酒母五段を足します。甘口ですが酸があるので全体の味わいはしっかりと引き締まっています。冷やしても良し、常温はもちろんお燗にしてもまろやかです。限定品です。ぜひご賞味ください。酒度:30 、原料米:麹米 五百万石、掛米 日本晴 、精米歩合:麹米 70% 掛米 75%

Daruma Masamune Jukusei Koshu Junmai Hiyaoroshi

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