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No label,no name!  It is called “Shinbun(Newspaper)nosake for it is wrapped in a Newspaper.  Brewed with great care by the people in the kura or who they call in Japanese “Kurabito”.  Crips, clear, lively fragrance of fresh fruit notes.  Subtle dryness, easy in the palate and goes down smoothly with no

traces of impurities.  Excellent sake to go with many types of dishes.  Perfect with lightly flavored food. This sake is order made since it is produce by a very small brewery in Nagano Prefecture.  Limited number of production every year. One of the very hard to find sake in Japan. 

Shinbun Daiginjo Sake (Newspaper Sake)

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  • Rice used: 100% Yamadanishiki Rice

    Polished: 40%

    Yeast: Original Brewer’s Yeast

    Alcohol: 15 to 16%

    SMV: +3

    Acidity: 1.2 

    Available in 720ml and 1.8lt


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