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Flavorful, dry type of Junmai Ginjou shu using 100% Matsuyamamii rice polished to 55%.  Rich umami taste with an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. Soft mouthfeel with a pleasant, clean aroma in the background. Dry with a comforting kick in the middle. Ends up very smooth retaining its well balance flavor.  Perfect to pair with various types of dishes.


Bijoufu Junmai Ginjou Tama Label

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  • 産地:高知県田野町  造り:純米吟醸  容量:720ml 

    原料米:松山三井  精米歩合:55%  使用酵母:KA-1

    日本酒度:+4  酸度:1.4  アルコール度:15-16%

    Origin: Kochi Prefecture Hinomachi   Type: Junmai Ginjou  Qty: 720ml

    Rice Used: 100% Matsuyamamii Rice  Rice polished: 55%  Yeast: KA-1

    SMV: +4  Acidity: 1.4  Alc: 15-16%

    Available in 720ml and 1.8lt

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